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SubjectRe: inux should not set the "PnP OS" boot flag
> I append a short patch
> to remove the bit of code that sets the boot flag. (I see where
> the function also zeroes out the sbf value if it appears not to be
> a valid value. That seems rather rash to me, but I leave it
> alone because I don't understand why it's there.)

I see also that in that function:

static void __init sbf_bootup(void)
u8 v = sbf_read();
v = 0;
#if defined(CONFIG_PNPBIOS)
/* Tell the BIOS to fast init as we are a PnP OS */
v |= (1<<0); /* Set PNPOS flag */

there is a parity check (in the sbf_value_valid function)
prior to changing one of the bits, but there is no check to make
sure that the parity is still correct after the "PNPOS" flag
has been set. Is this okay? Or am I confused about something?

Thomas Hood

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