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SubjectRe: 3ware discontinuing the Escalade Series
> The Adaptec 2400A IDE Raid Cards work under Linux, although you will need to
> patch your kernel, the patch is available from Adaptec's website.

Adaptec have released complete source code ?

> It seems like work was being done to add support for the Promise RAID cards,
> it seems like Alan had support in his tree, I might be wrong about that
> though. Alan?

We have partial promise and hpt support for their softraid in the -ac tree
and the basics pushed into Linus tree. Andre and Promise have sorted out
full access to promise info on this so we should see full promise softraid

The Promise hardware raid (Supertrak100) is also supported in the ac and
Linus trees nowdays but I've never been happy with its price/performance

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