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SubjectRe: [RFC] Standard way of generating assembler offsets
On Thu, 04 Oct 2001 08:36:54 -0700, 
george anzinger <> wrote:
>The symbol name IMHO should contain both the member name and the
>structure name. Otherwise there may be a problem if two structures use
>the same member name (flags comes to mind).

The asm symbol name is arch defined, I am defining the standard method,
not the asm names. It is up to the arch maintainers to pick suitable
names, e.g. ia64 does

DEFINE(IA64_SWITCH_STACK_AR_BSPSTORE_OFFSET, offsetof(struct switch_stack, ar_bspstore),);

>This is way down on the list, but is it possible to generate a separate
>file for each *.S AND put the "required symbols" in the *.S.

That works for a small number of mappings but not when there are a
large number that are required in several places. Take a look at
arch/ia64/tools/print_offsets.c, 130+ mappings used by 5 or 6 different
asm sources. There are also technical reasons (to do with the kernel
CONFIG system) why a single asm-offsets file is easier to maintain.

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