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SubjectRe: Sound artifacts in Gravis Ultrasound
> I have a Gravis Ultrasound sound card. I suspect kernel from
> non-continuous feed of audio
> data into the device.
> When I feed directly a sine-wave data into /dev/dsp, 100Hz, 1KHz, 10kHz,
> there is
> a distortion that can be heard on 1kHz, is not heard on 100Hz and is
> very strong at 10kHz.
> It sounds like every several-per-second to several-ten-per-second, the
> data in the sound
> card are repeated (for several samples). The distortion occurs
> permanently and generates
> a regular sound, something like a car ignition system makes in board
> radio.
> When I play mp3 (mpg123) or Ogg Vorbis (ogg123), it can be heard also,
> when suitable
> pattern is present in the music to make the distortion audible.
> It is not caused by my amplifier (audible also in earphones), not caused
> by too
> much volume (when playing on low volume, it is also there, it's a linear
> phenomenon).
> The sound of distortion is also not added to the signal, because can not
> be heard
> when certain sound patterns appear in the music.
> Is there any kernel setting that improves continuity of data feed? The
> card is
> Gravis Ultrasound Plug'n'play, on ISA.

I have the exact same problems using a Sound Blaster 128 PCI with the

It's a linux problem because it works with Windows 98.
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