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SubjectRe: PCI Device Setup Question
Joachim Martillo wrote:

> These cards use the PLX9050 PCI interface chip
> The cards are never masters and do no support
> PCI PREFETCH and if PCI transactions are made
> to them that relate to PCI PREFETCH, they become
> confused and hang.
> The PCI bus driver allocates the sab8253x registers
> as prefetchable memory resources.

The PCI9050 LAS0RR local configuration register
controls whether the address range is marked
prefetchable or not. If bit 3 is set, then the range is marked as
prefetchable in Bit 3 of PCI configuration register BAR2.

I would verify that the EEPROM attached to the PCI9050 is setup
to program the LAS0RR bit 3 to zero to mark the address range
as *not* supporting prefetch.

Paul Fulghum,
Microgate Corporation,

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