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SubjectRe: Finegrained a/c/mtime was Re: Directory notification problem
Andi Kleen wrote:

>On Wed, Oct 03, 2001 at 11:15:04AM -0400, Alex Larsson wrote:
>>Is a nanoseconds field the right choice though? In reality you might not
>>have a nanosecond resolution timer, so you would miss changes that appear
>>on shorter timescale than the timer resolution. Wouldn't a generation
>>counter, increased when ctime was updated, be a better solution?
>Near any CPU has a cycle counter builtin now, which gives you ns like
>resolution. In theory you could still get collisions on MP systems,
>but window is small enough that it can be ignored in practice.
But the point is you, only ever would want nano second resolution to make
sure you notice all changes to a file. A more general (and much simpler)
solution would be to gen_count++ every time a file's modified. What other
applications would require better than second resolution on files?


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