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SubjectRe: [patch] Re: AMD viper chipset and UDMA100
On Sep 28, 2001 at 10:21:14, Vojetch Pavlik wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 27, 2001 at 04:37:50PM -0700, Sean
Swallow wrote:
> > Vojtech,
> > I would be interested in trying out your code.
> Ok. It should make your ViperPlus work with UDMA100.
> The patch is
> against 2.4.10, but will probably work with any
similar kernel. It
> completely replaces Andre's driver with mine. Find
it > attached.
> Good luck.
[patch snipped]
I have a Tyan K7 Thunder and I have tried this patch
and the patch from Andre, synced with 2.4.10 by Jacob
Luna and have had the same problem with both. Without
the patch I can only do UDMA33 but the hw supports
UDMA100. I have a Quantum FireballPlus AS40 on my
primary IDE channel which I have tested on an MSI
K7Master and works fine in UDMA100.

When I reboot with the driver enabled, as soon as hda
is detected the kernel locks up with a DIVIDE (0)
error. I will try it again and take notes of more
details if it helps.

Without the driver, using the generic code I am able
to use the drive, in I think UDMA100 by letting the
BIOS set the drive to UDMA100 then manually setting
DMA mode on with hdparm. However if I try to set the
modes manually with hdparm I can not select above

I have tried this with kernel 2.4.10 and 2.4.11pre1.
My system is a Dual K7, SMP kernel, 512MB RAM.

My root filesystem is on a RAID0 array across 4
Quantum AtlasV 9GB U160 SCSI disks, two on each
channel of the onboard Adaptec.

I have tried to use the Fireball in the array as well
but for some reason performance reduced! 110MB/s with
hdparm -t compared to 70MB/s. Could this be because of
the lack of chipset driver?

One other thing is I am running with the preemt patch,
though I tested it without as well as I remember.

Please CC any replys to
as I am not on the list.
Steven Newbury

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