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SubjectRe: can I use an udma-pci card on an alpha?
On Fri, 5 Oct 2001 wrote:

> I had a spare CMD646 udma-card lying around, and put it in my alpha
> (PWS500au). Everything boots fine, but there seems to be no HD
> recognized:


> Is the bios (which is x86) strictly necessary to set up the drives? I
> tried searching the web for 'udma on alpha' etc. but found nothing.

I am using a Promise 20267 in an DEC Alpha XL 300 with kernel 2.4.10-ac4.

That machine has no bios-support for IDE-Drives, but the kernel (booting
from the ncr scsi-controller) detects my 60gb ibm-disk without problems
and does about 20mb/s.

I've got one real problem:
When I do a "shutdown -r now", the machine is completely dead when loading
the ide-driver after booting up (module).
The only way to get the machine up again is power-cycling.
"shutdown -h now" followed by power-cycle works.

And just now, trying to find out the exact harddisk-model for this mail:
# cat /proc/ide/ide2/hde/identify
-> *boom*, machine dead, network unreachable

Shit - will have to drive to work tomorrow to get my private webserver
back running :(



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