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SubjectRe: [PATCH] change name of rep_nop
Alan Cox wrote:

>>Here is a patch that addresses those three issues. It adds an empty
>>definition of cpu_relax for all architectures except x86 (for x86 it
>>is defined to be rep_nop), and it changes smp_init to use a barrier
>>instead of making wait_init_idle be volatile.
> Looks good to me

You also need to move the call to smp_boot_cpus() below the
clear_bit(...) line in smp_init(). Without it, my Wildfire doesn't get
past the while(wait_init_idle) loop - seems all of the CPUs have already
done their work before the mask is set. Besides, it's the right place
for it anyway. I'd generate a patch, but my system is bogged down in a
benchmark for the next couple of hours. If someone says so, I'll
generate the patch after that...

- Pete

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