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SubjectRe: pre4 oom too soon

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Marcelo Tosatti wrote:
> Note that a full kswapd_balance_pgdat() is going to scan only a small
> portion of the lists. I'm pretty sure we have to guarantee kswapd
> scanned at least all lists (maybe scanned all lists twice), before
> checking for OOM.

Why not just say "if we have swap cache pages, we aren't oom".

If we've scanned all lists twice, we should have unmapped all users of
swap-cache pages, and we should have dropped them.

And make the test be not quite black-and-white: we're almost always going
to have a _few_ swap-cache pages around under heavy memory load, if only
because of read-ahead etc that pins the pages. But if the swap cache is a
noticeable fraction of memory, we're obviously not oom _regardless_ of
what the VM balancers say.


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