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SubjectRe: [POT] Which journalised filesystem ? (fwd)
Hello Bernd Eckenfels

--On Wednesday, October 03, 2001 08:01:03 PM +0200 you wrote:

> In article <706340000.1002116485@gullevek.piwi.intern> you wrote:
>> but to the point of that thread. we had reiser FS on a production server
>> (Fileserver for NFS, Samba & Appletalk) and we nothing but troubles. It
>> was an 2.2.16 kernel and i dunno witch reiserfs we used. But from this
>> point forward I dun think I will use it again soon on a production
>> server.
> Do you had NFS Problems or do you had filesystem problems?

Filesystem Problems. Massive problems. It went so far, that the system was
so unstable, that I had to reboot it almost everyday.

> Because NFS interaction with Journaled Filesystems is/was an issue with
> those recent kernels, as far as i understand.

I might have came from NFS, AppleTalk, Samba, who knows. But I couldn't go
into detail testing, and I needed to fix it up. I might try ext3 one, cause
I work with it at home and I am quite happy with it, but it's just a home
system not a production enviroment ...

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