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SubjectRe: [PATCH][RFC] Pollable /proc/<pid>/ - avoid SIGCHLD/poll() races
Hi Paul,

On Thu, 04 Oct 2001, Paul Menage wrote:
>>> The only real user-space solution to this is to have the SIGCHLD
>>> handler somehow cause the select() to return immediately
>>... or implement pselect:
> Agreed, althought that's not a user-space solution. Is there any
> fundamental reason why no-one's implemented pselect()/ppoll() for
> Linux yet?

Missing knowledge and/or demand? It should be pretty easy to

>>or use sigsetjmp/siglongjmp
> Yes, that would probably solve the situation in question, provided
> that siglongjmp() is portably safe. (A comment on LKML in the past
> suggested that it's not safe on cygwin, for example.)

It should be at least portable between different U*X versions. I never
used cygwin though.


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