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SubjectPATCH - gameport_{,un}register_port must be static when inline

2.4.11-pre2 wont compile with some combinations of sound card drivers
if CONFIG_INPUT_GAMEPORT is not defined, as every driver than include
gameport.h causes "gameport_register_port" to be defined as a symbol
and there is a conflict.

This patch makes the relevant inline functions "static" to avoid this


--- ./include/linux/gameport.h 2001/10/04 02:45:24 1.1
+++ ./include/linux/gameport.h 2001/10/04 03:51:09 1.2
@@ -74,8 +74,8 @@
void gameport_register_port(struct gameport *gameport);
void gameport_unregister_port(struct gameport *gameport);
-void __inline__ gameport_register_port(struct gameport *gameport) { return; }
-void __inline__ gameport_unregister_port(struct gameport *gameport) { return; }
+static void __inline__ gameport_register_port(struct gameport *gameport) { return; }
+static void __inline__ gameport_unregister_port(struct gameport *gameport) { return; }

void gameport_register_device(struct gameport_dev *dev);
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