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SubjectContext switch times
I've been working on a rewrite of our Multi-Queue scheduler
and am using the lat_ctx program of LMbench as a benchmark.
I'm lucky enough to have access to an 8-CPU system for use
during development. One time, I 'accidently' booted the
kernel that came with the distribution installed on this
machine. That kernel level is '2.2.16-22'. The results of
running lat-ctx on this kernel when compared to 2.4.10 really
surprised me. Here is an example:

2.4.10 on 8 CPUs: lat_ctx -s 0 -r 2 results
"size=0k ovr=2.27
2 3.86

2.2.16-22 on 8 CPUS: lat_ctx -s 0 -r 2 results
"size=0k ovr=1.99
2 1.44

As you can see, the context switch times for 2.4.10 are more
than double what they were for 2.2.16-22 in this example.


One observation I did make is that this may be related to CPU
affinity/cache warmth. If you increase the number of 'TRIPS'
to a very large number, you can run 'top' and observe per-CPU
utilization. On 2.2.16-22, the '2 task' benchmark seemed to
stay on 3 of the 8 CPUs. On 2.4.10, these 2 tasks were run
on all 8 CPUs and utilization was about the same for each CPU.

Mike Kravetz
IBM Peace, Love and Linux Technology Center
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