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SubjectRe: Whining about 2.5 (was Re: [PATCH] Re: bug? in using generic read/write functions to read/write block devices in 2.4.11-pre2)
> question, I know), which VM will it use?  I'm guessing Alan will still 
> inherit the "stable" codebase, but the -ac and -linus trees are breaking new
> ground on divergence here. Which tree becomes 2.4 once Alan inherits it?
> (Is this part of what's holding up 2.5?)

For the moment I plan to maintain the 2.4.*-ac tree. I don't know what will
happen about 2.4 longer term - that is a Linus question. Looking at
historical VM history I don't think we will eliminate enough "2.4.10+ oops
on my box" and "on this load the VM sucks" cases from 2.4.10 to fairly
review Andrea's VM until Linus has done another 5 or 6 releases and the VM
has been tuned, bugs removed and other oops cases proven not to be vm

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