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SubjectRe: Still having problems with eepro100

--On Tuesday, October 30, 2001 5:07 PM +0000 Alex Bligh - linux-kernel
<> wrote:

> If you mean occasional lockups, which go away if you do ifdown / ifup,
> then try the patch I posted Sunday - it forces one of the bug workarounds
> on, which was dependent on eeprom by default. Also has a debug line
> which writes out what it thinks the chip ID is, which activates
> (or not) the other bug workaround. Alan put some or all of this
> patch into the latest -ac; from his docs I couldn't tell whether
> he put in the 'always use bug override' bit, and I expect not.
> if you want to do it yourself, find where rx_bug is set, and just
> set it to 1 the line afterwards, and try that.

Though this worked for me before, it appears to have stopped working
and I don't think I reverted the code (sigh). Are you by any chance
using something with apm in, or using it as a module and removing
the module? The only difference here between working and non-working
is that I've suspended and resumed the machine (/without/ power
management / apm compiled in).

> Alternatively, try the intel drivers.

I am informed by someone who really should know that this /does/ work.

Alex Bligh
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