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SubjectLinux 2.2.20-pre12

Final pieces. This tree will become 2.2.20 at the weekend unless something
absolutely critical comes up

o Update davicom driver to fix oopses (Sten Wang)
o Updated PC300 driver - fix SCA-II DMA bugs
(Daniela P. R. Magri Squassoni)
o Make syn cookies per socket (Andi Kleen)
o Computone driver fixes for fast PC's (Michael Warfield)
| Follow on devfs patches didnt apply so dropped
o DAC960 update (Leonard Zubkoff)

o Security fixes
| Details censored in accordance with the US DMCA
o Sparc updates (Dave Miller)
o Add escaped usb hot plug config item (Ryan Maple)
o Fix eepro10 driver problems (Aris)
o Make request_module return match 2.4 (David Woodhouse)
o Update SiS900 driver (Hui-Fen Hsu)
o Update ver_linux to match 2.4 (Steven Cole)
o Final isdn fixups for 2.2 (Kai Germaschewski)
o scsi tape fixes from 2.4 (Kai Mäkisara)
o Update credits entry (Henrik Storner)
o Fix scc driver hang case (Jeroen)
o Update credits entry (Dave Jones)
o Update FAT documentation (Hirokazu Nomoto)
o Small net tweaks (Dave Miller)
o Fix cs89xx abuse of skb->len (Kapr Johnik)

o Update the gdth driver (Achim Leubner)
o Fix prelink elf loading in 2.2 (Jakub Jelinek)
o 2.2 lockd fixes when talking to HP/UX (Trond Myklebust)
o 3ware driver update (Adam Radford)
o hysdn driver update (Kai Germaschewski)
o Backport via rhine fixes (Dennis Bjorklund)
o NFS client fixes (Trond Myklebust, Ion Badulescu,
Jim Castleberry, Crag I Hagan.
Adrian Drzewiecki)
o Blacklist TEAC PD-1 to single lun (Wojtek Pilorz)
o Fix null request_mode return (David Woodhouse)
o Update credits entry (Fernando Fuganti)
o Fix sparc build with newer binutils (Andreas Jaeger)
o Starfire update (Ion Badulescu)
o Remove dead USB files (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix isdn mppp crash case (Kai Germaschewski)
o Fix eicon driver (Kai Germaschewski)
o More pci idents (Andreas Tobler)
o Typo fix (Eli Carter)
o Remove ^M's from some data files (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o 64bit cleanups for isdn (Kai Germaschewski)
o Update isdn certificates (Kai Germaschewski)
o Mac update for sysrq (Ben Herrenschmidt)

o Document ip_always_defrag in proc.txt (Brett Eldrige)
o Update S/390 asm for newer gcc (Ulrich Weigand
o Update S/390 documentation Carsten Otte
o Update s390 dump too and co)
o Update s/390 dasd to match 2.4
o Backport s/390 tape driver from 2.4
o FDDI bits for s/390
o Updates for newer pmac laptops (Tom Rini)
o AMD760MP support (Johannes Erdfelt)
o Fix PPC oops on media change (Tom Rini)
o Fix some weird but valid input combinations (Tom Rini)
on PPC
o Add additional checks to irc dcc masquerade (Juanjo Ciarlante,
Michal Zalewski)
o Update 2.2 ISDN maintainer (Kai Germaschewski)
o Fix 3c505 with > 16Mb of RAM (Paul)
o Bring USB into sync with 2.4.7 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)

o Merge DRM fixes from 2.4.7 tree (me)
o Merge sbpcd fixes from 2.4.7 tree
o Merge moxa buffer length check
o Merge bttv clip length check
o Merge aha2920 shared irq from 2.4.7 tree
o Merge MTWEOF fix from 2.4.6 tree
o Merge serverworks AGP from 2.4.6 tree
o Merge sbc60xxx watchdog fixes from 2.4.6
o Merge lapbether fixes from 2.4.6
o Merge bpqether fixes from 2.4.6
o Merge scc fixes from 2.4.6
o Merge lmc memory leak fixes from 2.4.6
o Merge sm_wss fixes from 2.4.6
o Resync AGP support with 2.4.6
o Merge epca fixes from 2.4.5
o Merge riscom8 fixes from 2.4.5
o Merge softdog fixes from 2.4.5
o Merge specialix fixes from 2.4.5
o Merge wdt/wdt_pci fixes from 2.4.5
o ISDN cisco hdlc fixes (Kai Germaschewski)
o ISDN timer fixes (Kai Germaschewski)
o isdn minor control change backport (Kai Germaschewski)
o Backport ELCR MP 1.1 config/PCI routing stuff (John William)
o Backport isdn ppp fixes from 2.4 (Kai Germaschewski)
o Backport isdn_tty fixes from 2.4 (Kai Germaschewski)
o eicon cleanups (Armin Schindler)
| Armin can you double check the clashes were ok
o Fix an ntfs oops (Anton Altaparmakov)
o Fix arp null neighbour buglet (Dave Miller)
o Update sparc version strings, pci fixups (Dave Miller)
o Define CONFIG_X86 in 2.2 as well as 2.4 (Herbert Xu)
o cleanups (Steven Cole)
o Add MODE_SELECT_10 to qlogic fc table (Jeff Andre)
o Remove dead oldproc variable (Dave Miller)
o Update starfire driver for 2.2 (Ion Badulescu)
o 8139too driver update (Jens David)
o Assorted race fixes for binfmt loaders (Al Viro)
o Update Alpha support for older boxes (Jay Estabrook)
o ISDN bsdcomp/ppp compression fixes (Kai Germaschewski)

o Merge rose buffer management fixes (Jean-Paul Roubelat)
o updates (Steven Cole)
o Add Steven Cole to credits (Steven Cole)
o Update kbuild list info (Michael Chastain)
o Fix slab.c doc typo (Piotr Kasprzyk)
o Lengthen parport probe timeout (Jean-Luc Coulon)
o Fix vm86 cleanup (Stas Sergeev)
o Fix 8139too build bug (Jürgen Zimmermann)
o Fix slow 8139too performance (Oleg Makarenko)
o Sparc64 exec fixes (Solar Designer)

o Merge all the pending ISDN updates (Kai Germaschewski)
| These are sizable changes and want a good testing
o Fix sg deadlock bug as per 2.4 (Douglas Gilbert)
o Count socket/pipe in quota inode use (Paul Menage)
o Fix some missing configuration help texts (Steven Cole)
o Fix Rik van Riel's credits entry (Rik van Riel)
o Mark xtime as volatile in extern definition (various people)
o Fix open error return checks (Andries Brouwer)

o Fix a patch generation error, replaces 2.2.20pre4 which is
wrong on ad1848

o Fix small corruption bug in 82596 (Andries Brouwer)
o Fix usb printer probing (Pete Zaitcev)
o Fix swapon/procfs race (Paul Menage)
o Handle ide dma bug in the CS5530 (Mark Lord)
o Backport 2.4 ipv6 neighbour discovery changes (Dave Miller)
o FIx sock_wmalloc error handling (Dave Miller)
o Enter quickack mode for out of window TCP data (Andi Kleen)
o Fix Established v SYN-ACK TCP state error (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o Sparc updates, ptrace changes etc (Dave Miller)
o Fix wrong printk in vdolive masq (Keitaro Yosimura)
o Fix core dump handling bugs in 2.2 (Al Viro)
o Update hdlc and synclink drivers (Paul Fulghum)
o Update netlink help texts (Magnus Damm)
o Fix rtl8139 keeping files open (Andrew Morton)
o Further sk98 driver updates. fix wrong license (Mirko Lindner)
text in files
o Jonathan Woithe has moved (Jonathan Woithe)
o Update cpqarray driver (Charles White)
o Update cciss driver (Charles White)
o Don't delete directories on an fs that reports (Ingo Oeser)
then 0 size when doing distclean
o Add support for the 2.4 boot extensions to 2.2 (H Peter Anvin)
o Fix nfs cache locking corruption on SMP (Craig Hagan)
o Add missing check to cdrom readaudio ioctl (Jani Jaakkola)
o Fix refclock build with newer gcc (Jari Ruusu)
o koi8-r fixes (Andy Rysin)
o Spelling fixes for documentation (Andries Brouwer)

o FPU/ptrace corruption fixes (Victor Zandy)
o Resync belkin usb serial with 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync digiport usb serial with 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Rsync empeg usb serial with 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync ftdi_sio against 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring keyscan usb back into line with 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync keyspan_pda usb with 2.4 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync omninet usb with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync usb-serial driver with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Resync visor usb driver with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Rsync whiteheat driver with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Add edgeport USB serial (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Add mct_u232 USB serial (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Update usb storage device list (Stas Bekman, Kaz Sasayma)
o Bring usb acm driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring bluetooth driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring dabusb driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring usb dc2xx driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring mdc800 usb driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring rio driver into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Bring USB scanner drivers into line with 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Update ov511 driver to match 2.4.5 (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Update PCIIOC ioctls (esp for sparc) (Dave Miller)
o General sparc bugfixes (Dave Miller)
o Fix possible oops in fbmem ioctls (Dave Miller)
o Fix reboot/halt bug on "Alcor" Alpha boxes (Tom Vier)
o Update osst driver (Willem Riede)
o Fix syncppp negotiation bug (Bob Dunlop)
o SMBfs bug fixes from 2.4 series (Urban Widmark)
o 3ware IDE raid driver updates (Adam Radford)
o Fix incorrect use of bitops on non long types (Dave Miller)
o Fix reboot/halt bug on 'Miata' Alpha boxes (Tom Vier)
o Update Tim Waugh's contact info (Tim Waugh)
o Add TIOCGSERIAL to sun serial on PCI sparc32 (Lars Kellogg-Stedman)
o ov511 check user data more carefully (Marc McClelland)
o Fix netif_wake_queue compatibility macro (Andi Kleen)

o Fix ip_decrease_ttl as per 2.4 (Dave Miller)
o Fix tcp retransmit state bug (Alexey Kuznetsov)
o Fix a few obscure sparc tree bugs (Dave Miller)
o Fix fb /proc bug and OF fb name size bug (Segher Boessenkool)
o Fix complie with CONFIG_INTEL_RNG=y (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o Fix rio driver when HZ!=100 (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o Stop 3c509 grabbing other EISA boards (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o Remove surplus defines for root= names (Andrzej Krzysztofowicz)
o Revert pre1 APIC change

o Fix SMP deadlock in NFS (Trond Myklebust)
o Fix missing printk in bluesmoke handler (me)
o Fix sparc64 nfs (Dave Miller)
o Update io_apic code to avoid breaking dual (Johannes Erdfelt)
Athlon 760MP
o Fix includes bugs in toshiba driver (Justin Keene,
Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix wanpipe cross compile (Phil Blundell)
o AGPGART copy_from_user fix (Dawson Engler)
o Fix alpha resource setup error (Allan Frank)
o Eicon driver updates (Armind Schindler)
o PC300 driver update (Daniela Squassoni)
o Show lock owner on flocks (Jim Mintha)
o Update cciss driver to 1.0.3 (Charles White)
o Backport cciss/cpqarray security fixes (me)
o Update i810 random number generator (Jeff Garzik)
o Update sk98 driver (Mirko Lindner)
o Update sis900 ethernet driver (Hui-Fen Hsu)
o Fix checklist glitch in make menuconfig (Moritz Schulte)
o Update synclink driver (Paul Fulghum)
o Update advansys scsi driver (Bob Frey)
o Ver_linux fixes for 2.2 (Steven Cole)
o Bring 2.2 back into line with the master ISDN (Kai Germaschewski)
o Whiteheat usb driver update (Greg Kroah-Hartmann)
o Fix via_rhine byte counters (Adam Lackorzynski)
o Fix modem control on rio serial (Rogier Wolff)
o Add more Iomega Zip to the usb storage list (Wim Coekaerts)
o Add ZF Micro watchdog (Fernando Fuganti)

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