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SubjectRe: [PATCH] making the printk buffer bigger
On Tue, 30 Oct 2001, Martin J. Bligh wrote:

> I don't just want it for development, I believe in capturing my boot messages
> all the time. If they're not visible, why bother printing them?

Assuming the code is correct at one stage, what do you need detailed
debug data, for?

> The correct solution is probably to either size it dynamically, or have a
> seperate boot time buffer that we throw away afterwards. But for the
> sake of another 48Kb on machines with 2 - 16Gb of RAM, it's not worth
> coding it, testing it, and risking the change.

There are 4MB systems out there, too. Sizing the buffer dynamically is
probably OK.

> PS. Alan's solution was to turn off half the garbage that gets printed on
> boot, which would work too. Especially half the stuff from the mps tables,
> which we throw in the bin 2 nanoseconds after printing it. We could
> turn off APIC_DEBUG by default, which would kill all the Dprintk's as
> far as I can see ....

The MPS tables are tiny comparing to other stuff, I'm told. Switching
them to KERN_DEBUG is a good idea at this stage; as is probably undefining
APIC_DEBUG. Anyway, I'm told APIC debug messages are small comparing to
ones output by certain other subsystems.

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