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SubjectRe: EM8400/8401 support?
At 19:44 31/10/01, Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk wrote:
> > As Sigma designs do not release specs nor sourcecode there is no open
> > source driver available and I am not aware of any non-official efforts to
> > produce drivers.
>I found a package called NetStream2000- with these drivers
>with source on Sigma's site.

Yeah, right. Why don't you download that tar ball, unpack it, and have a
look what it contains before disseminating uninformed, and incorrect

To quote from the main readme of above tar ball:

"shared object libraries (, in lib/
are only available in binary form.
Copyrighted (C) 1999-2000 Sigma Designs"

Those libraries are EVERYTHING that matters. And they are _binary_ only.
The stuff that is actually given as source and even as GPL is just glue
code which defines an API to access the binary only library and kernel
modules which cause the library to be hooked into the kernel. This is just
about as far as you can get from open source drivers!

>I also found tech spec on the EM840[01] open on their sites, although the
>document was marked 'confidential'.

Ok, so I am stupid and am unable to find this document. Why don't you email
me the URL so I can download it and see for myself? I would really very
much appreciate it!!!

Best regards,


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