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SubjectRe: Google's mm problem - not reproduced on 2.4.13
On Wed, Oct 31, 2001 at 02:12:00PM -0800, Ben Smith wrote:
> My test application gets killed (I believe by the oom handler). dmesg
> complains about a lot of 0-order allocation failures. For this test,
> I'm running with 2.4.14pre5aa1, 3.5gb of RAM, 2 PIII 1Ghz.

Interesting, now we need to find out if the problem is the allocator in
2.4.14pre5aa1 that fails too early by mistake, or if this is a true oom
condition. I tend to think it's a true oom condition since mainline
deadlocked under the same workload where -aa correctly killed the task.

Can you provide also a 'vmstat 1' trace of the last 20/30 seconds before
the task gets killed?

A true oom condition could be caused by a memleak in mlock or something
like that (or of course it could be a bug in the userspace testcase, but
I checked the testcase a few weeks ago and I didn't found anything wrong
in it).

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