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SubjectRE: 2xQ: Is PM + ACPI but /no/ APM a valid configuration? Interru pts enabled in APM set power state?

> /proc/apm is created by the APM driver.


> around power management functionality, so you're not going to get that if
> none of these are enabled. Even if CONFIG_PM, it's not going to be called
> unless APM is up and running.

Well, actually APM or acpi reading the source, but yes.

> The BIOS is supposed to restore all the PCI config space, but we all know
> how well the BIOS does what it's supposed to reliably.

Indeed :-) I seem to be having difficulty just making it return from
the call at all.

> The suspend resume events are triggered by the APM subsystem. You won't
> get them without it.

The events, yes - or the ACPI subsystem, I think - at least it
seems to send power management events.

> ACPI suspend has not been implemented fully yet, so you're not going to
> get good results anyway..

So it would seem :-)

Is there a good way to debug apm.c BIOS calls (beyond a disassembler)?

Alex Bligh
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