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SubjectRE: 2xQ: Is PM + ACPI but /no/ APM a valid configuration? Interru pts enabled in APM set power state?

--On Wednesday, 31 October, 2001 1:33 PM -0800 "Grover, Andrew"
<> wrote:

> If you are willing to try acpi, I'd recommend everything on for now.

OK, so I tried the combinations again, and where it says ACPI,
I now mean ACPI + all bells / whistles as suggested. Sadly the net effect
seems to be that it disables any useful power management
functionality, and doesn't fix any broken stuff :-(

Results for T23:

No PM, no ACPI, no APM

suspend works - i.e. doesn't crash on resume,
but 'dumbly' and doesn't restore some PCI states
(unsurprising), clock, etc., and no /proc/apm

PM, no ACPI, no APM

this seems to work, but debugging the power management
stuff suggests that the PCI drivers are never sent
suspend or resume events, which is causing the
crashes below.


Suspend buttons (all of them) & closing laptop
lid no longer do anything. As there's no apm support,
apm -s doesn't work either, so impossible to test

[wierd messages now gone - thanks Andrew.].


Machine hangs on resume.

printk()s tell me that it successfully does
all the pm_send stuff, then calls apm_set_power_state()
(I can see this immediately before the LCD disappears).
But on resume, though the LCD comes back on, it
never gets to the printk() I inserted immediately

I added further printk(s) to immediately after
the segment restore on the bios calls, and indeed
it never appears to return.


as above

Also, on advice, I have APM configured to allow
interrupts (IBM laptop). So what happens if a
device interrupts as / because of the resume,
perhaps before the segment registers have
been restored, and certainly before the pm_send
stuff has gone around?

[kernel 2.4.12-ac5 at present]

Alex Bligh
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