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Subjecti820 agp support ?

It seems to me that the i820 chipset from Intel, which I have on my PC,
is not supported by the 'agpgart' module. Looking at the source (from
2.4.13) shows that there is support for i810, i815 and then skips to i830.
I have managed to use the module successfully with the nice
'agp_try_unsupported=1' option (with a kernel 2.4.9 from RedHat), but
still something remain unclear to me, namely "why is the i820 still in
the 'unsupported' hardware ?".

Are there many major differences between i820 and the other Intel
chipsets ?

Thanks in advance for answering.

Best regards.


PS: please CC to me your answers/comments since I am not subscribed to
the list.
Nicolas Aspert Signal Processing Laboratory (LTS)
Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL)
Office: ELE 237

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