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SubjectRe: [Patch] Re: Nasty suprise with uptime
"Richard B. Johnson" wrote:

> That's 6 extra clocks every Hz or 600 clocks per second. By the time
> you've reached the 497.1 days, you have wasted.... 0xffffffff/6 =
> 715,827,882 CPU clocks just so 'uptime' is correct? I don't think
> so. I'd reboot.

Actually, you don't need to reboot.

The mail/dns servers I mentioned are
running fine, processing smtp and pop3
mail without a hitch, serving up dns info
for 230 dns zones, and providing ntpd
and big brother services for quite a few
other linux and linux-like systems here.

You only need to reboot if you demand
that the uptime counter be correct -

I just add 497 days for now....



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