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    SubjectRe: 2.4.14-pre6

    On Wed, 31 Oct 2001, Andrew Morton wrote:
    > But it's actually quite seductive to take a huge amount of data and
    > just chuck it at the request layer and let Jens sort it out. This
    > usually works well and keeps the complexity in one place.

    Fair enough, I see your point. How would you suggest we handle the latency
    thing, though?

    I'm not against making the elevator more intelligent, and you have a
    good argument. But I've very much against "allow the queues to grow with
    no sense of latency".

    > One does wonder whether everything is working as it should, though.
    > Creating those 100,000 4k files is going to require writeout of
    > how many blocks? 120,000? And four minutes is enough time for
    > 34,000 seven-millisecond seeks. And ext2 is pretty good at laying
    > things out contiguously. These numbers don't gel.
    > Ah-ha. Look at the sync_inodes stuff:
    > for (zillions of files) {
    > filemap_fdatasync(file)
    > filemap_fdatawait(file)
    > }
    > If we turn this into
    > for (zillions of files)
    > filemap_fdatasync(file)
    > for (zillions of files)
    > filemap_fdatawait(file)

    Good catch, I bet you're right.

    > kupdate runs this code path as well. Why is there any need for
    > kupdate to wait on the writes?

    At least historically (and I think it's still true in some cases),
    kupdated was also in charge of trying to write out buffers under
    low-memory circumstances. And without any throttling, blind writing can
    make things worse.

    However, the request throttle should be _plenty_ good enough, so I think
    you're right.

    Oh, one issue in case you're going to work on this: kupdated does need to
    do the "wait_for_locked_buffers()" at some point, as that is also what
    moves buffers from the locked list to the clean list. But that has nothing
    to do with the fdatawait thing.


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