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SubjectRe: linux-2.4.13 high SWAP
I test 2.4.9 , 2.4.10-ac7, 2.4.13 and all have this problem, I'm not using 
XFS, but reiserfs with LVM and 4 GB RAM. I detected if use tmpfs the kswapd
eat my all CPU's, in 2.4.13 the system hang after a time. Now I'm testing
2.4.13-ac3 without tmpfs and he is very better than the others versions. But
a nice test is disable the HIGHMEM support. I have a machine with 1GB RAM and
the system is very fine and stable, running 2.4.10-ac7.

Em Ter 30 Out 2001 02:49, Robert Scussel escreveu:
> Just thought that I would add our experience.
> We have experienced the same kind of swap symptoms described, however we
> have no mounted tmpfs, or ramfs partitions. We have, in fact,
> experienced the same symptoms on the 2.4.2,2.4.5,2.4.7 and 2.4.12
> kernel, haven't yet tried the 2.4.13 kernel. The symptoms include hung
> processes which can not be killed, system cannot right to disk, and
> files accessed during this time are filled with binary zeros. As sync
> does not work as well, the only resolution is to do a reboot -f -n.
> All systems are comprised of exclusively SGI XFS partitions, with dual
> pentium II/III processors.
> Any insight would be helpful,
> Robert Scussel
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