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SubjectRe: Nasty suprise with uptime
From: "Ville Herva" <>

> Oh yes, sometimes 2.0 kernel would crash at 497.1 days¹. I guess it depends
> on what you were doing at the time and what drivers and options you were
> using. I think most of the jiffies wraparound bugs were cleaned at the
> 2.1.x time (so I have been told.)
> (I've experienced one such crash, I'm not sure whether it was 2.0.36 or
> 2.0.38.)

Thanks for the information.

Gee, now I don't feel so bad about bringing down my firewall machine that
had been up 454.25 days before I brought it down to reconfigure it with
two NICs to support the new DSL connection. To think I was only 43 days
from a possible crash anyway takes some of the sting out of the event.

{^_-} Joanne Dow,

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