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SubjectRe: opl3sa2 sound driver and mixers
Scott Murray wrote:
> On Mon, 29 Oct 2001, Alan Cox wrote:
> > > Please read Documentation/sound/OPL3-SA2 (the two mixers are intentional,
> > > some channels are available only on the MSS mixer, others only on the
> > > OPL3-SA2), and don't break the driver! Since the latest DMA fix finally
> > > everything works fine on my Portege 3010 (which is exactly the same as the
> > > 3020 except for a slower CPU and smaller disk).
> >
> > Thanks for warning me and saving me the effort of decoding it all
> I've found myself too busy at work over the last while to really look into
> any issues with this driver. Anyone keen on taking over as maintainer?

Some times ago I wanted to change the mixer part and get back to the
"original" one, with a single mixer ... but as it was intentional, I
left it like this.

However I think it would be a good thing to present, to the user, a
single mixer. You have 1 or more soundcards and each soundcard have a
single mixer that control all the volume available with this card, no ?

If Alan has not yet released a patch that changes this ... I could try
to put all the controls back together ... and it will be the occasion to
learn a little bit more of that "mighty and scaring kernel" :)

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