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SubjectRe: 2.4.0 TCP caches ip route
ext David Ford wrote:
> Try "ip route flush cache" or summarized, "ip r f c"
> David
> Manel Guerrero Zapata wrote:
> >The problem seems to be that the kernel
> >caches that the device for the connexion should be dummy0.
> >If then, I cancel the telnet and start it again
> >now (of course) it stablishes a telnet conexion though the ppp0.
> >
> [snipped]


Answering to David:

Well, I have not tried that yet. But that is not a real solution.
You are not supposed to be flushing the cache manualy
(Although it might work as kind of workaround)
the kernel should detect that this is a stale cached entry
and delete it.

Answering to Martin:

Sure for most of the people that's not a big deal.
And yes, you are right: if the tcp connection has
been stablished before playing with routing tables
then everything works just fine.

But, IMHO I thing TCP should not make any assumptions about
routing tables (not even during the stablishment of connection).
So, I personaly see this as a kernel bug.

I understand that this is an "optimization" of the kernel
code, but I thing you should have the possibility of
disabling it.


Manel Guerrero
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