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SubjectRe: VIA KT133 data corruption update

I have an A7V-133 motherboard, and the VIA IDE just started to work finally,
after upgrading my BIOS to 1007, the latest one, which came out on the same
day as your 1009. I never experienced "data corruption" as you described,
just irq timeouts which crashed fatally. It seems like everything is normal
now, in other words, I could install Mandrake 8.1 with no problems whereas
it failed dozens of times before. There was one other I did different this
time, and that was that I created the partitions in Partition Magic 7.0 for
Windows instead of using DiskDrake. I can't see this would have any bearing
on things, so I can only attribute the recent successful install to ASUS's
new BIOS.

David Grant

On Saturday October 27, Bryan O'Sullivan said:
>After several months of begrudgingly putting up with my ASUS A7V
>motherboard corrupting roughly 1 byte per 100 million read during
>moderate to heavy PCI bus activity, I flashed VIA's 1009 BIOS this
>I have not been able to reproduce any corruption since then (it was
>ridiculously easy before the new BIOS), and my machine seems otherwise
>as stable as I would hope. This marks the first time since 2.4.6 that
>I've been able to run a Linus kernel without cowering.
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