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SubjectRe: need help interpreting 'free' output.
On Tue, Oct 30, 2001 at 10:28:29AM -0800, Linus Torvalds wrote:
> want to lock the page - because locking the page means that you can pause
> for a _long_ time waiting for the page to be written out when there is IO
> pending.

ok I see what you mean, I agree (going to merge those important bits
into my tree! :)

however those locking bits have nothing to do with exclusive_swap_page
and the ealry cow I believe. exclusive_swap_page is faster than
remove_exclusive_swap_page + only_swap_page as said in the earlier email
and don't forget you somehow need the page lock too for

The magic word here is "_trylock_" after your wait_on_page if the page
wasn't uptodate, it's not that avoiding the early-cow or your
remove_exclusive_swap_cache will change anything (they only slowdowns).

So in short we only need to replace the lock_page with a TryLockPage
(plus your wait_on_page if page is not uptodate to catch the major
faults) and here we go, faster than pre5.

In previous emails I was thinking at major faults, of course the whole
optimization here is for the _minor_ faults were we don't need to block
and where pre5aa1 blocks and where pre5 vanilla doesn't block! Very good

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