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SubjectRe: Nasty suprise with uptime
Chris Meadors <>:
>This was a crappy 486/66, with no reset button. So a power cycle was
>called for. When I started the machine back up, it did the file system
>has not been checked in a long time thing, and it started the fsck.
>I usually follow those rules, but the cute little 486 in the corner with
>the 240MB hard drive, 16MB of RAM, and the monster uptimes was just too
>much fun to brag about. I'm not bragging anymore, and it is disassembled
>on the floor in my office.

Hey now, I have one of those (8MB instead of 16) and it's still working
fine... HOWEVER, I did replace the disk controller and disk drive during
one of the upgrade/update cycles with a leftover 2GB drive... Dumped the
128MB ftape, and 540 MB disk.

I decided that the backups were easier to do over the net...
Installs are easier that way too...
The Slackware two disk install lets me restore across the net... (haven't
had to do it though).

And it functions just fine as a firewall handling a DSL connection, e-mail
port, and http port. It has been happy for last 73 days (house lost power
for a couple of hours.. UPS only good for 30min). Now that I have a spare
CDROM, it's time to look into another upgrade to migrate from disk drives
to CD boot (if I can cooerce the BIOS to boot a CD.. otherwise I'll just
have to leave a boot floppy in).
Jesse I Pollard, II

Any opinions expressed are solely my own.
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