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SubjectIs there a bug in 2.4.x that gcc-3.0.1 trigger it?


Further to my last post about linux-2.4.9-acx and
2.4.9 up, the problem is if the kernel compiled with
gcc-3.0.1 and run Limewire (a java program) the system
gave segmentation fault. If re-run for the second
time, the system quickly reboots itself. (any other
programs seem to be normal even some simple java
program, not relating or using the internet is running
as normal, I test many applets in mozilla, but if I
test for example the chat applet from yahoo site, it
hangs (not self-reboot)

I think there is some code in these kernel causing the
bug. Strange enough that if I use communicator 4.7
(and its built in java VM, no problem when running

Today I made 2.2.19 kernel with gcc-3.0.1 and untill
now everything is ok. Limewire runs as normal.

I hope that some one would discover what is wrong with
2.4.9x or where to blame the problem . in my computer
(intel celeron 400Mh) gcc-3.0.1 generates code that is
faster than gcc-2.95.3.


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