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SubjectRe: Finegrained a/c/mtime was Re: Directory notification problem
Andi Kleen <> writes:

> For stat is also requires a changed glibc ABI -- the glibc/2.4 stat64

Not only stat64, also plain stat.

> structure reserved an additional 4 bytes for every timestamp, but these
> either need to be used to give more seconds for the year 2038 problem
> or be used for the ms fractions. y2038 is somewhat important too.

The fields are meant for nanoseconds. The y2038 will definitely be
solved by time-shifting or making time_t unsigned. In any way nothing
of importance here and now. Especially since there won't be many
systems which are running today and which have a 32-bit time_t be used
then. For the rest I'm sure that in 37 years there will be the one or
the other ABI change.

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