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SubjectRe: [POT] Which journalised filesystem uses Linus Torvalds ?
In article <GKMPCZ$> you wrote:
> With the availability of XFS,JFS,ext3 and ReiserFS I am a
> little
> lost and I don't know which one I should use for entreprise
> class
> servers.

In former versions of ReiserFS you had a weak support for fschk. And since a
lot of bugs and heavy load triggered this problem regularly, it was not
awise idea to use Reiser. Things are reported to have increased, but I do
not have any first hand experineces since then.

Personally I think xfs is a very mature Journaling File System. A bit
annoying is, that the CVS tree is hard to track from SGI. I have reports
from heavyly loaded servers that it performs very well (i.e. newsspool).

ext3 is the alternative, cause of its compatibility to ext2. But I am not
sure, if this is good or bad, since it has not increaesed some of the
performance issues of the ext2 structure, afaik.

I have no experience with JFS, IBM seems to missed a opportunity to have
large community support.

GFS as a general purpose filesystem may need some more tweaking, but it's
cluster properties are great for enterprise systems.

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