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Subjectcall_pnp_bios() okay
> Given that the args are u16s and u16s are unsigned shorts, it looks to me
> as if this is going to zero out all the odd-numbered args. But if that's
> what's happening then I'm amazed this driver works at all. I see that
> in some cases the odd-numbered args are zero anyway, but in others not.
> Result #1: The driver isn't getting a real value for the maximum node size.
> But a random value will sometimes not oops the kernel.
> Result #2: PnP BIOS is sometimes getting 0 as its DS selector
> Result #3: The get_dev_node config selector is always 0 (should be 1 or 2)
> Result #4: The set_dev_node handle is 0; but this is duplicated in the
> node info structure, so the function may still work. However,
> the selector number of the node data is wrong
> I'm off to patch this bug and see if it fixes my problem.
> It may fix the Sony and Dell problems too.

Well, on closer look the call_pnp_bios code is okay after all.
The variables get promoted to 32 bits prior to the 16 bit shifts,
despite the shifts being in parentheses. I.e, Never Mind. :)

Stelian: Sorry, I put your e-mail address in the previous subject heading
by mistake.

Thomas Hood
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