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    Subject[patch] auto-limiting IRQ load take #2, irq-rewrite-2.4.11-F4

    the attached patch contains a cleaned up version of IRQ auto-mitigation.

    - i've removed the max_rate limit and have streamlined the impact of the
    load-estimator on do_IRQ() to this piece of code:

    if (unlikely(in_interrupt()))
    goto mitigate_irqload;

    i dont think we can get much cheaper than this. (We could perhaps avoid
    the total_contexts counter by saving a 'snapshot' of the existing
    kstat.irqs array of counters in every timer tick and comparing the
    snapshot to the current kstat.irqs values. That looked pretty unclean

    - the per-cpu irq counting in -D9 was incorrect as it collapsed all irq
    handlers into a single counter.

    - i've removed the net-polling hacks - they are unrelated to this problem.

    the patch is against 2.4.11-pre2. (the eepro100.c fixes from the -ac tree
    are already included in -pre2, i only included them in this patch to make
    patching & testing against 2.4.10 easier.).

    (i'd like to stress the point again that the goal of this approach is
    *not* to be nice. This is an airbag mechanizm, it can and will hurt
    performance. But my box does not lock up anymore.)

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