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SubjectRe: Which is currently the most stable 2.4 kernel? (PPP)

2.4.10 + the ppp patch works fine on UP - if you need the SMP you can hack/patch
socket.c to "make" PPP SMP safe (the patch below works perfectly well for me on
a 2 CPU P-III system for 6 days now -- no lockups, no crashes - and I'm loading
the system constantly w/ up to 4000 PPPoX sessions, starting stopping etc... -

Please keep in mind - the folling is a HACK!



--- net/socket.c~ Tue Aug 28 19:56:06 2001
+++ net/socket.c Fri Sep 28 18:22:53 2001
@@ -682,10 +682,10 @@
struct socket *sock;
int err;

- unlock_kernel();
+ //unlock_kernel();
sock = socki_lookup(inode);
err = sock->ops->ioctl(sock, cmd, arg);
- lock_kernel();
+ //lock_kernel();

return err;

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