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SubjectRe: eepro100.c & Intel integrated MBs
Ben Greear wrote:
> Jurgen Botz wrote:
> > I'm now using the e100 driver from the Intel web site, which works
> > perfectly, and light testing shows the Scyld (Don Becker) driver
> > to work as well. The Intel driver seems to have an incompatible
> > license (noxious advertising clause?), but the Scyld drivers don't...
> > at least there isn't any license mentioned and of course many
> > of the net drivers in the current kernel are just earlier versions
> > of the Scyld drivers.
> The Scyld drivers have only recently started working with the 2.4 series,
> and there is some unholly war between Becker and the rest of the kernel
> I don't think you'll ever see his drivers in the standard
> kernel again... RH usually tries to load the e100 (Intel's driver)
> instead of the eepro100.

No we do not. eepro100 is the default in Red Hat Linux 7.1 and 7.2 at
I wish Intel would help fix eepro100 for the last few remaining issues
it has....
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