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SubjectWriting a driver for a pci busmaster ide controller, need tutoring.
This is probably one of those RTFM and FAQ mails, but I'm desperate.

I have just recived the register specs for a chip called piccolo_s, this is
a bus master ide controller found it some older toshiba laptops.
As this is my first atempt to write a driver I find my self not really
having the knowhow to do this. And it is extremely hard to find good
tutorials on the subject =)
So please if anyone find the time and motivation, would you write me one?
Mabey not but if you were to send me all you know on this topic I might be
able to puzzle the bits and pieces together and write this driver.
It would be easier for me to just let one of you guys write this driver, but
if noone is in any hurry I would find this a great learning experience, and
fun to ;)

I've found one good documet, "PCI Managment in Linux 2.2 by Alan Cox", but I
feel this isn't enough. Alan? would you please give me some pointers?

My experience is not great, I can find my way arond C. I have some basic
knowlege of how a computer works (apparantly not enough), but I acctually do
not know what this driver is supposed to do, other than setting som
Also is there a way to use /proc to find devices that don't have a driver?
Or is it just not there?
/John Nilsson
If you dont feel like sending me private mails, pleas CC me :)

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