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SubjectSMP machine with 2GB ram hangs without any clue
Hi all,

I am hoping someone can help me with picking the right (read stable) kernel for the following hardware configuration:
2x 1Ghz PIII fitted on a serverworks chipset, and 2GB ram.
Video Card is an Geforce MX-400 twinview setup (no agp, several Geforce cards tried)
Network is an intergrated intel ether express (eepro100 driver)

For some reason it is not possible to get the above configuration. Tried several versions of the 2.4.x kernel series (include the Suse ones, as 7.2 is the suse version installed)
Also tried various versions of the NVidia driver and all versions of XFree between 4.02 and 4.1

None of the combinations would give a stable system (that is hanging the kernel afther 1/2 - 60 minutes)
The system would crash so badly that even ping responsed stayed out. (No numlock either)

The machine is some sort of stable if the kernel is a 2.4.4 one compiled for only 1 cpu. (Booting with nosmp would hang the system)

Does anyone else have simular experience (or knows how to solve this).
If more information is required I will provide it.

Waiting for a solving answer,

Wouter van Bommel
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