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SubjectNasty suprise with uptime
Hi guys,

This weekend I checked our mail/dns servers (on kernel 2.2.17-pre4)
and received a nasty surprise. The uptime, which had been 496+ days
on Friday, was back down to a few hours. I was ready to lart somebody
with great vigor when I realized the uptime counter had simply wrapped

So, I thought to myself, at least the 2.4 kernels on our new boxes won't

have that silly, irritating limitation - or will they?

I checked include/linux/kernel.h on my workstation, which is running
2.4.14-pre3, and found that the uptime field in struct sysinfo is
the same as that in the 2.2. kernel on the mailservers, e.g.

--- snip ---
struct sysinfo {
long uptime; /* Seconds since boot */
--- snip ---

Say it ain't so! maybe I'm a bit dense, but is the 2.4 kernel also going

to wrap around after 497 days uptime? I'd be glad if someone would
point out the error in my understanding.



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