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    SubjectRe: 2.4.13-acX: NM256 hangs at boot
    > CPtC400 until I upgraded from kernel 2.4.12-ac5 to 2.4.13-ac3. Now the
    > system hangs at boot - or to be more precise, right after boot when
    > modutils try to load nm256_audio.o as instructed in /etc/modules.
    > Lockup is complete, even power-button doesn't work so I have to remove
    > battery and power-cord to get the machine shut down. I have
    > APM-support compiled in, no ACPI.


    > NM256 is PCI-based, so I checked whether CONFIG_HOTPLUG_PCI would have
    > any effect. It didn't.
    > Exactly the same thing happens with 2.4.13-ac4.
    > If I compile the kernel without sound-support, everything works just
    > fine.

    Jeff Garzik updated the neomagic driver to use the generic ac97 codec. It
    looks like he didnt quite get it right firs ttime around. I'll take a look
    and its then a case of either fixing it or reverting Jeff's change
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