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SubjectRe: RFC - tree quotas for Linux (2.4.12, ext2)
On Monday October 29, wrote:
> >
> > I accept that it does look like a bit of a hack.
> > But I think it is simple, understandable, and predictable.
> > And I think that (for me) the value of tree quotas is more than enough
> > to offset that cost.
> I just don't like the idea that when you do lookup you can suddenly get
> Disk quota exceeded... I'd concern this behaviour a bit nonintuitive. I agree
> that if root makes lookup of every file after moving directories then this
> doesn't happen but still I don't like the design :).

You cannot get "Disk quota exceeded" on a lookup. If treequota_check
finds a discrepancy it fixes it with "notify_change" with
ia_valid set to ATTR_FORCE | ATTR_TID.
I changed quota_transfer to take ATTR_FORCE to mean "just do it, even
if it exceeds quota, and don't give an error". Given that ATTR_FORCE
is not actually used at all in the current kernel, I felt fairly free
to interpret it how I wanted.

So the only non-intuitive thing that can happen is that you find your
usage mysteriously changes. However this can only happen after
administrator intervention, and with uid quotas administrator
intervention (e.g. chown -R) can equally cause mysterious changes of

However I'm not particularly trying to convince anyone to use or
approve of tree-quotas. I was after comments to make sure that I
hadn't missed something in thinking through the issues. I thank you
and others for your comments. The fact that I am comfortable with my
answers (though you may not be) encourages me that I haven't missed

I will be using treequotas locally next year and will keep the
patches on my web-page up-to-date. I have heard from at least one
person who thinks they might be useful, so there are probably a few
dozen who might find it useful.
In 6-12 months, if my experience is all positive, I might try
suggesting that they get included in a "standard" kernel (assuming
that 2.5 has openned by then:-).

Thanks again,
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