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SubjectRe: Kernel 2.4.13 freezes on boot
Greg KH wrote:
> On Sun, Oct 28, 2001 at 01:11:24PM +0000, Solid Silver Panther wrote:
> > greetings all,
> >
> > I apologise for the somewhat vague descriptions here, but Im no
> > experienced Kernel Hacker. I'm in my 3rd month of Linux (RedHat 7.1) and was
> >
> > <snip>
> What happens if you boot without any USB devices plugged in?

I found I have a similar problem with the cpia driver. With cpia support
built into the kernel, the last thing I got was

usb.c: Registered new driver cpia

and the system stopped. Note that no USB initialisation messages
appeared prior
to the final line. This occurred with and without the camera (my only
device) connected.

Building the cpia support as modules and modprobing them in after the
has booted seems to work without any problem.


Linux kernel 2.4.13
8:15pm up 1 day, 14:11, 3 users, load average: 1.08, 1.17, 1.15
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