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Subjecteepro100.c & Intel integrated MBs
I recently discovered (as others have posted to the list) that the
currently included eepro100 driver doesn't work on Intel 815 (and
possibly other) integrated mainboards. I stops working after a bit
of activity and in some circumstances totally locks up the machine.
For more details scan the archives, lots of people have run into

I'm now using the e100 driver from the Intel web site, which works
perfectly, and light testing shows the Scyld (Don Becker) driver
to work as well. The Intel driver seems to have an incompatible
license (noxious advertising clause?), but the Scyld drivers don't...
at least there isn't any license mentioned and of course many
of the net drivers in the current kernel are just earlier versions
of the Scyld drivers.

815 MBs are pretty common, so getting a solution to this should
be pretty important. I'm surprised that RedHat didn't include
the Scyld drivers in 7.2... these network lockups should present
a major support headache for them.

So what's the scoop? Anyone have plans to fix this?


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