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SubjectRe: nfs lockd error message
>>>>> " " == prabhakara r <prabhakara_r> writes:

> hi all,
> i am getting an error message "portmap: server localhost not
> responding, timed out" followed by "portmap: makesock
> failed, error = -5" after I recompiled the kernel with some
> changes in tcp files under ipv4 dir. the system hangs for
> minutes and then boots as usual. though i am damn sure that
> i haven't done any changes to NFS source code, i am still
> getting this error message. subsequently the system also
> shows "NFS lockd failed" while shutting down.could anyone of
> u pls tell me why i am getting this error and how to solve
> this problem.

The problem isn't with the kernel but with your setup. For some
reason, the kernel is unable to contact the portmapper in order to
register a service.

That can mean either that you are starting rpc.portmap after you start
lockd, or that you have blocked access from 'localhost' (either using
the tcp_wrappers, or using ipchains).

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