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SubjectRe: Poor floppy performance in kernel 2.4.10
"A month of sundays ago Alain Knaff wrote:"
> Appended to this mail is the "long live the struct block_device"
> patch. It includes the stuff covered in the last patch as well. The
> issue of stopping transfers in progress is not yet addressed.

Errr .. haven't read the patches. But are you doing something so that
the semantics of the action taken after a media check fails can
be overridden? The current invalidate_inodes is too strong for me,
since I am proxying a remote device, and I don't want to kill
_all_ the local file descriptors when the remote media disappears.
I need to at least continue to send down local ioctls!

No, no suggestions of an extra control device, please. Simplicity.

> +
> static struct block_device_operations floppy_fops = {
> open: floppy_open,
> release: floppy_release,
> ioctl: fd_ioctl,
> check_media_change: check_floppy_change,
> revalidate: floppy_revalidate,
> + can_trust_media_change: floppy_can_trust_media_change
> };

and I'd like to have "invalidate" as a method too.

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