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Subjectiptables and tcpdump

I've been "tcpdumping" traffic that passes through a NAT box based on
netfilter. Everything works wonderful, but tcpdump presents confusing data.
With the help of google I found out that tcpdump sees the data right after
the NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING and the NF_IP_POST_ROUTING hooks. This explains it all,
but results in a new question: why does tcpdump "see" the data after the
NF_IP_PRE_ROUTING hook instead of before, which more accurately reflects the
data that's on the wire?

I can imagine this has been explained before, but I haven't found the full
explanation. Could someone enlighten me?

Another thing is /proc/net/ip_conntrack. It shows also some confusing
information like this:

icmp 1 29 src= dst= ... [UNREPLIED]
src= dst= ...

One half shows an unNATted dst, the second half shows the NATted src.
Logically speaking they should match but now they don't.

So everything works fine, but it's presented in a confusing way (tcpdump,
ip_conntrack). This may be intentionally but it seems a little accidentally
to me.


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