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SubjectRe: HPT366 problems continued
On Sat, 27 Oct 2001, Andre Hedrick wrote:

> > I'd say either mate->dma_base is set too soon for both mate (and they're both
> > guaranteed to generate dma_base = 0 as soon as they reach 794) or do_identify
> > is called too late (and dma_base = 0 because of 793).
> > I haven't found a lot of dma_base field setting and they seem to happen late.
> Ueimor,
> If the BIOS does not configure the PCI space or if it is not listed to be
> setup in the ./arch/*/kernel/pci-quirks.... then the driver ignores the
> HOST. So in short you are wrong, and the driver is doing its job
> correctly. The real problem is happening long before I ever get to touch
> the chipset.
> Let me guess, you are using one of the soft-raid modes of that host.

Nope, seems to be the fault of the bios, as it works fine with another
motherboard. Need to look at the quirks then...


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